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The Little Pockets


At a recent after hours event, a few coworkers and I stumbled upon something fascinating...

At a recent after hours event, a few coworkers and I stumbled upon something fascinating: the age old question of the importance and usage of the front-right pants pocket.

Too small to fit your hands, and too awkward to reach to really put anything of value in there. We asked ourselves, what could it be for?!

Mr. Chow replied, "Simple. It's for quarters." Could it really be that simple? So I performed a bit of research and experimentation. With fifty-cents readily available, I put them in that tiny pocket. They sure fit snugly in there, and eliminated the cling-cling-ching-clang of typical change when walking about. But when I went to retrieve them, it was incredibly awkward. You have to do a bit of a jig when trying to retrieve them. I can only imagine how one would appear, especially while rocking a pair of hot red skinny jeans.

Quarters made sense, but I wasn't satisfied. It just didn't add up. So I did a little research. Yahoo Answers, Quora; they all provided some thoughts. Rings. Condoms. A place to warm your index and middle fingers on cold winter nights?

But then one answer put forward just seemed to make a bit more sense. A pocket for your time piece. In the 'olden' days, gentlemen carried pocket watches. They were typically hung on a chain, and stored in a waistcoat pocket, but for the cowboys of the day, who the heck wore a waistcoat?

...but then again, did cowboys really need time pieces? Or were they not skilled enough to tell time just by the sun in the sky?

As my friend Hannah said, they're really just pockets for people with small hands. The world may never know.