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So I Fell a Few Times...


So you know what they say, You Can Fall, As Long as You Get Back Up. ...or well in my case, you just make it entertaining.

I started snowboarding two years ago, and still a novice, I can get nervous going down the hill. Little children bopping about, skiers flying by, icy patches; these are all things that make me nervous.

But for the first time since snowboarding down trembling in the first season I learned, I ran it down the hill. I took on as much speed as I could handle, and it, was awesome.

However, with great heights can come great falls.

My girlfriend recently gave me a new GoPro Hero2 (AWESOME gift) and I finally got a chance to take it for a test drive.

Enjoy a few laughs, at my expense! :)

By the way, the background music a trap mix, mixed live by my good friend Outfox. Check him out on SoundCloud: