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Challenging the Status Quo


Wild child. Terd. Stinky. Sparky. These are all names I've been referred to as. I like to think it's because I tend to do things just a little bit differently.

It all started before I was born. Delivered unto the world premature and via caesarian section, let's talk about starting things off thinking differently!

The youngest of three, my mother certainly won't be the last to tell you that I was the first to question why. Why things are the way they are, or why things were done a certain way. I was a happy shenanigans kid with a bowl cut and an insatiable curiosity.

Today, that pervasive curiosity drives me through life, and I see myself asking questions like, "why is it considered *normal* for the average homeowner to have in excess of $200k in debt"?

I didn't take a traditional route to get where I am today, and I've been incredibly fortunate to have parents and mentors to guide me along the way. When my high school graduating class was preparing to go into their sophomore year of college, I was readying myself to leave, and take on the working world head-on. When they were graduating, I was going through the challenging process of moving my life to New York in search for opportunity in my field.

Pretty much my whole life, my parents have instructed me to do one thing, and I went ahead and did the exact opposite. It's been working so far, and although each and every day is a challenge, I enjoy the perils and successes of my own mount everest.


Christopher is the Director of Development at Barnum and a full-time online undergrad student studying Business Administration and Marketing at Post University.

See that kid with the natural highlights and the bowl cut? What a little terd.