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Thoughts on life, development, entrepreneurialism, and more from the mind of a New Englander living in New York City.



“I can pick my friend Denalia up. And she’s taller than daddy!”.. Read It →


So I Fell a Few Times...

So you know what they say, You Can Fall, As Long as You Get Back Up. ...or well in my case, you just make it entertaining... Read It →


The Little Pockets

At a recent after hours event, a few coworkers and I stumbled upon something fascinating..... Read It →


Challenging the Status Quo

Wild child. Terd. Stinky. Sparky. These are all names I've been referred to as. I like to think it's because I tend to do things just a little bit differently... Read It →


When It's Time for a Redesign

So I've been thinking about it for a while now and I should probably go ahead and clean this up a bit. These gradients don't look all that hot anymore and that rainbow hover state went out of fashion around the 80s...... Read It →

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